Our Process

Specs Boutique | Mobile Optician

What We Do:

Our Increasingly digital world is causing stress, fatigue* and dryness to the eyes, but our fast paced lifestyles make it hard to carve out time for routine eye checks. We at Specs Boutique recognized and solved this problem by bringing the eye exam to you! Our company will travel directly to your facility, where we build an entire modern eye exam lane, and display eyeglasses all on site. This is a perfect fit for individuals who are too busy
but want professional eye care services! As a bonus our services can help reduce absenteeism caused by work-day eye appointments.

How It Works

A licensed optometrist will travel with all the latest portable technologies to your site and perform a complete and comprehensive eye exam. Including retinal health assessment, measuring for prescription glasses and ocular pressure check. A licensed optician will also be available to take proper measurements, dispense eyeglasses, and perform any necessary
adjustments! Our Optician also provides a wide selection of glasses and sunglasses to make it a true one-stop shop experience.

What We Need

One small room or area for our Optician to set up the glasses and adjustments station. And another closed room with a minimum length of 10 feet, preferably with no windows or with windows that have curtains/blinds so the room can be made to be dim/dark. We also would need 4 chairs and a long table (4-6 feet) or 2 small tables (3-4 feet).

How to Book

We will release an online appointment schedule using Google Docs so that staff can book their appointments ahead of time. We will then come in on the scheduled day and set up our mobile clinic. NOTE: We will need at least 8 patients signed up for an eye exam at each office location before we can provide our services. Please inform your supervisor of our services and we will gladly set up a day to come to your office to provide a full and comprehensive eye exam. Email us at: info@specsboutique.ca or give us a call at 647-985-7829.

The blue light emitted by most computer monitors can cause symptoms like fatigue and eye strain? Thankfully blue-light filter glasses may give you the relief you require. If you exhibit any of these symptoms please remember to inquire about these lenses on the day of your appointment.