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How It Works

A licensed optometrist will travel with all the latest portable technologies to your site and perform a complete and comprehensive eye exam. Including retinal health assessment, measuring for prescription glasses and ocular pressure check. A licensed optician will also be available to take proper measurements, dispense eyeglasses, and perform any necessary adjustments! Our Optician also provides a wide selection of glasses and sunglasses to make it a true one-stop shop experience.

20+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Team

Comfort of Home

You have a busy family!  Why go to a clinic when we can come to you?!  
Offering personal one-on-one service with a registered Optician and Optometrist in the comfort of your home! Specs Boutique carries over 230 styles of designer and budget friendly frames!  We combine Optician & Optometrist specialties to bring you a complete buying experience while you’re on the go!  It’s our goal to save your family time and money!

Corporate / Workplace

Help promote workplace wellness and reduce absenteeism caused by work-day eye appointments with Specs Boutique!


-Eye exams and eyeglasses done in the comfort of your work
-No need to book an appointments or wait in waiting rooms
-Improved employees performance with up to date prescription eyeglasses
-No cost to the employer
-We do direct billing to insurance companies
-Dispensing of eyeglasses are done by optician at your workplace


Minimum of 8-10 patients per visit.  

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Retirement & Long Term Care

Pandemic or not, making it to an eye appointment can be challenging. Seniors, caregivers, anybody with accessibility restrictions can be faced with an even bigger struggle or risk.

Optometrist will perform a complete and comprehensive eye exam, including a retinal Health assessment, glaucoma and pressure checks. Eye drops will be given so the doctor can check the health of the eyes. We have the latest portable technology equipment to perform a complete eye exam.  Optician will also be there with a variety of frames to fill the prescription, take measurements and then return to the facility to dispense the eyeglasses for all seniors.

Minimum of 8- 10 patients per visit.  

Download our flyer here!